Straußberg. Thuringia. Germany.

How to get to the Affenwald
It goes without saying that a Affenwald lies at the heart of nature, far from the nearest railway station, let alone airport. So the best way to get to our Wildlife Park is by car.

Via the A4 motorway:
Take the A4 motorway towards Erfurt. At the “Erfurter Kreuz” intersection take the A71 towards the north. At the Erfurt-Gispersleben motorway intersection, bear right, take the B4 trunk road and follow the signs towards Magdeburg / Nordhausen / Sondershausen. In Sondershausen turn right towards the industrial estate “Schacht” Sondershausen. Simply follow the brown tourist signs to the “Erlebnisreich Straußberg”. Passing through Großfurra and Kleinfurra, take the road towards Straußberg in Kleinfurra. After approx. 2.5 kilometres you will see our large car park on the right. You have reached your destination.

Via the A38 motorway:
Take the A38 motorway to the Nordhausen exit, then take the B4 trunk road towards Sondershausen. Follow the brown tourist signs to the “Erlebnisreich Straußberg”. Turn right at Hain and follow the road towards Kleinfurra. In Kleinfurra continue straight over the junction towards Straußberg and after 2.5 kilometres you arrive at our adventure park.

There are plenty of free parking spaces at the Wildlife Park and the Waldhaus hotel and restaurant.

Our postal address is:
Erlebnispark Straußberg
Unterer Straußberg 6
D-99706 Sondershausen / OT Straußberg
Download directions [PDF]